Winged Flight

Dandy's Reflections

$ 20.00

Ivory bone beads and spacer, seed beads, carved dragonfly beads, ivory tassel

"Blessed is the man that hath turned his face towards God, and walked steadfastly in His love, until his soul hath winged its flight unto God, the Sovereign Lord of all, the Most Powerful, the Ever-Forgiving, the All-Merciful." --Bahá'u'lláh, Gleanings

Dragonflies are my favorite insect. They're not dangerous, they don't bite and they come in so many beautiful colors. They are all over North Carolina and, in fact, I had never seen so many until we moved here. Around all summer, they hover endlessly and seem curious about what's going on. In Japan, dragonflies are symbols of strength, courage and happiness. I wish for you all three virtues as you pray or meditate with this set!

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